The Brentwood Rotary Club Is Helping Keep Children Safe!

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The Brentwood School District superintendent, Dana Eaton, noted that an ongoing challenge facing each of the schools in the district is the horrible traffic jams that take place twice a day most weekdays in the immediate vicinity of each of the district schools. Streets become temporary parking lots as parents maneuver their automobiles into crowded pick-up and drop-off points. Traffic safety around schools is a pressing problem — not just because the traffic is so heavy, but because of the precious young lives that are at risk.

Eaton said that the district is always looking for ways of increasing the safety of the young students in those areas. “Our efforts were given a big boost,” Eaton said, “when the Brentwood Rotary Club provided 24 high-quality safety signs. The signs bear the message “Drive Carefully” and “Protect Our Children.” They will serve as permanent reminders to drivers about driving with care in school zones around each of Brentwood’s 11 schools.

Guy Rohlfs, principal of the Brentwood Elementary School, was grateful that Rotarians were “being mindful of the safety of BUSD students.” Kirsten Jobb, Principal Edna Hill Middle School, said, “We appreciate that our Rotarians have partnered with us to keep our students safe. The signs are a visual representation and reminder to us all that the choices we make each day impact every student in our community.” She then added, “The signs are just one more way the Rotary Club supports our schools and students.”

Chris Calabrese, the Principal of Loma Vista Elementary School noted that the safety of the city’s children is everyone’s duty. “It is all of our responsibility to ensure our children our safe.” Then Chris added, “It is great to have a partner like Rotary supporting the students in our community.”