Club Committees

There are seven Club committees or teams:

1. Administration
Keeps things happening

• Sets up and tears down club meetings
• Organizes club meetings (works with the sergeant-at-arms)
• Produces the club newsletter, internal communications and website
• Helps the Membership Team with social event logistics

Individual Opportunities (Team members)
• Programs (programs that educate, inspire – and are fun whenever possible)
• Meeting Set-Up / Tear-Down
• Communications
(Sergeant-at-arms, Secretary & Treasurer works closely with this team)

2. Membership
Develops and implements the club’s membership development plan. Recruits, retains, and educates club members. Treating social events as a priority is also an essential membership responsibility.

• Achieves club membership goals for the coming year
• Educates and trains club members about the importance of recruiting and keeping members
• Conducts classification surveys to ensure that club member occupations and businesses reflect current business and community trends
• Develops a membership action plan for increased member engagement, that includes surveying members and initiating changes in response to member feedback
• Conducts club assessments to ensure membership development and retention efforts are effective and successful
• Develops an action plan for the club to act as a sponsor club for a potential new club in the community
• Organizes social events for club members to get to know each other better

Individual Team Member Opportunities
• Building
• On Boarding
• Sustaining
• Fellowship
• Alumni
• Training & Education
• Diversity

3. Public Relations
Develops and executes a plan to inform the public about Rotary and promote our club’s service projects and activities

• Achieves club public relations goals for the coming year
• Familiarizes themselves with RI public relations resources
• Creates awareness of club activities among club members, media, and the general public
• Enhances projects and activities to make them more appealing to the media
• Helps create a public image conducive to membership development

Individual Team Member Opportunities
• Club web site
• Media Relations
• Advertising & Marketing
• Web & Social Media
• Special Events
• External Relations

4. Service Projects
Leads the service initiatives of our club. Ensure that the team address the needs of our community
Also coordinates working with clubs in other countries on international service projects

The service projects team has these responsibilities:
• Conducts a needs assessment of the community and the club
• Plans and manages service projects, both local and international, using club, district, and RI resources
• Works with the club public relations team to ensure that promotion of service projects is planned
• Carries out service projects that involve different members
• Evaluates all service projects; uses the findings to strengthen future service projects
• Reaches out to clubs in other countries to develop partnerships for international fellowship, service, and volunteer activities

Individual Team Member Opportunities
• Vocational
• Community (examples: pancakes, Corn Fest, Dictionaries, Kohl’s, Rotarians at work)
• International
• Youth
• Fundraising for club projects

5. Rotary Foundation
Develops and implements a plan to support the Foundation through participation in grant projects and activities and through financial contributions

Individual Team Member Opportunities
• Develops team goals to achieve club Foundation goals for the coming year
• Educates club members about the Foundation
• Encourages and facilitate participation in Foundation grants and activities
• Ensures that our club and its members contribute to The Rotary Foundation
• Ensures that our club is qualified to receive Rotary Foundation grants and that it maintains a system for managing grant funds as outlined in the club memorandum of understanding
• Conducts inspirational Foundation-focused club programs at least four times a year.
• Works with the service projects committee to develop signature and sustainable projects

• Administration
• Marketing
• Scholarships
• Fundraising
• District Grants
• PolioPlus

6. Strategic Planning / Visioning
Regularly monitors progress and recommends revisions to the plan as needed

Individual Team Member Opportunities
To be determined by the team leader and the President

7. Past President’s Round Table

Our club proudly boasts that our Past Presidents are actively engaged. Membership is limited to past presidents of the Rotary Club of Brentwood. This group meets at least once a quarter. They advice the President and support the vibrancy of the Club.